Want Animoji Alternative On Your Android Smartphone? Try SwiftKey’s New Beta Keyboard

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

If you ever saw Apple’s demo of Animoji and felt like you just had to have that feature but your Android device didn’t support the feature, well now you can change that (without having to buy a new phone).

Swiftkey’s Beta keyboard just introduced a new feature called Puppets. The 3D animation feature is similar to Animoji and AR Emoji from Samsung and allows users to record themselves as a dog, cat, owl, dinosaur, or panda.

I recorded my Puppets video from the Xiaomi Mi A2 Camera and the results were decent and not excellent. Maybe if you have a camera with a better front camera you’ll get better tracking but probably not on the level of the iPhone’s which use infrared cameras to track your facial movements.

I took a test video to show you how it works:

One thing I did notice was that sometimes the tracking doesn’t pick up sound which is quite irritating, but it’s a pretty cool thing to have. If you make comedic videos, this might just be something you find yourself using the for a long time.

As noted in the video, the facial tracking is really good, depending on your lighting but what’s not good is the mouth/lip tracking. It seems like the puppet has a screw loose in its head when you’re talking but this is something that could vary depending on your device and as updates roll in.

Download SwiftKey Beta on Android