TelOne Introduces Two-Month Internet Package In Light Of The Crazy Power Cuts

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
TelOne internet bundles packages prices

As the electricity situation has gradually worsened, consumers of subscription services (i.e home internet/DStv) have to seriously consider whether they are getting any value from their subscriptions.

With these doubts in mind, TelOne is introducing an interesting 15GB two-month package for $40.

If you don’t use your home internet subscription extensively then this package will be quite attractive but I do feel TelOne should also introduce this to some of their larger packages.

Why? Well take this into consideration, if you’re a NetOne user $40 can get you 40Gb if night data with their new promotion which means if you live in an area with reliable network you can opt for that and tether to your laptop.

A TelOne rep said the following about the bundle/package:

We have developed a bundle to curb for powe blackouts and increased our validity period to 60 days .The bundle is a $40 package with 15 GB data cap.

This is better communication from TelOne even though ZOL announced a more useful billing system that will allow unused data to roll over into the next month. Ultimately if TelOne wants to keep up they may have to do the same, as many were clamouring for that after ZOL made their announcement.



  1. Net14lif

    Thank you tel one…I think this is quite reasonable…I don’t expect 15gb to last longer than 2 months

    1. Anonymous

      15gb wont last longer than two weeks if you use devices other than a phone

  2. Citizen

    how about scrapping the time cap altogther?

  3. A J Nicholl

    Thank you Tel-One.A welcome alternative for those who do not use Internet extensively.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks Tel One at least its a little. However they ought to be looking at their data monitoring system as data goes missing mysteriously! Also data should not expire!