TelOne Adds 12 Free Channels To DEOD

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TelOne’s DEOD content offering continues to expand. A few months ago, they added Zollywood (local content) and now they’ve added 12 new free-to-air channels.

A total of 12 News, Entertainment and Inspiration-themed channels are now available on the service entirely for FREE to customers, with 8 new Entertainment channels being added to the Pay TV section, bringing the full channel offering to 27 channels. These channels are in addition to the local Zimbabwean Zollywood collection of films that were recently added to TelOne’s DEOD platform in April.

The following channels were added:

  • Al Jazeera
  • Africa News
  • TRT World
  • France 24
  • Russia Today
  • Deutche Welle
  • GOD TV
  • HopeChannel
  • SBN
  • Inspiration TV
  • KayaTV
  • RT Documentaries

TelOne expects the mix of News, Religious and Entertainment content to further incentivise people to use DEOD as their media consumption service.


  1. Gideon Gono

    They are now a Wiztech 🙂 🙂

  2. wokenman

    How did this happen – Telone seems to be BEATING Econet/Kwese at this game.