Samsung Patents Weird Triple-Screen Phone with Swivel Mechanism

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Though Samsung is yet to officially make its first foldable smartphone available to the masses, the Korean giant has recently received a patent for a weird smartphone that may or may not see the light of day. Samsung is experimenting with many different smartphone designs and this could be their weirdest one to date.

According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung has been granted a new patent for a smartphone with three displays that are stacked over one another and attached together at the bottom. This patent application is known to have been filed back in August last year, but it gained approval for this design earlier this year in March.

This patent shows an extremely thin smartphone even though the screens are sitting on top of one another. You will be able to scroll and navigate to items on each screen when they have been opened. You cannot see any physical keys (which obviously aren’t possible because of the swivel mechanism) and camera sensor – either on the front or rear.

Though this design seems unique, I can’t think of any use case of this type of design- it’s certainly about having a large screen because this design doesn’t give you a single large screen.