PUBG Mobile Is The First Mainstream Game To Get A Trimmed Down Version: PUBG Lite

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PUBG is pretty popular. Fans of the game, claim it’s the real Fortnite before Fortnite – or at least that it was the first game to popularize the Batlle Royale genre which now includes the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends – all extremely popular games.

Because the game has such a huge following, the recently announced Lite version of PUBG is most probably going to gain a decent amount of traction and players.

The trimmed-down version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is now available in India will reportedly run on phones with 2GB RAM. This is relatively poultry when you consider most phones are now shipping with 4-6GB of RAM.

More interestingly the app will only be 400MB in size which is much much smaller than PUBG Mobile which can take up as much as 1.5GB-2.2GB.

More interestingly, even the game modes are altered as it features 60 player matches (instead of the 100 player affairs on PUBG mobile), a smaller play area alongside graphical optimizations to make it run better on lower-end devices.

Monetizing low-end users?

This is an interesting move and I wonder whether the work put into this will be worth it (from a monetary perspective). I say this because one would assume players with lower-end devices will be harder to monetize since they usually have lower incomes. Now PUBG is free-to-play on mobile so there won’t be a purchase fee involved to start playing.

It’s only fair to note that I’m yet to come across any information suggesting that monetization is PUBG Lite’s main priority. This could be an effort to test something out for future releases and the team behind PUBG might not be concerned with the revenue from their Lite offering.

PUBG Lite is only available in India at the time of writing and thus we are yet to test it. If the game becomes available globally we will add a link to this article.

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  1. Anonymous

    Im a PUBG player right now and im in Zim, not sure what you mean its available in India only, maybe explain some more…

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Thanks for that, meant PUBG LITE

  2. Starlets

    try FREE FIRE it’s crazy good …..

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  4. Dexter Muwodzeri

    I am the only one getting server error on the lite version?🤔