Popular Former Supersport Presenter Launched A Fast-Growing YouTube-TV Channel: Marawa TV

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Football fans, in particular, know Robert Marawa, the guy who electrified the Champions league nights with his conduct and commentary on Supersport channel.

To the surprise of many, Robert Marawa was fired through a text message last month by his employer Supersport. The reason why he was fired has been a mystery but a report by Sport24 says that “Marawa insinuated that his dismissal is connected to allegations of sexual harassment within SuperSport ranks that he spoke up about.”

Anyhow, seeing how people crave his services, Marawa launched his own YouTube channel, dubbed Marawa TV.

Since Marawa TV launched last week on Thursday it has garnered 19 000 followers. Also, the channel has already over 20 videos uploaded thus far. About Marawa Tv, Robert says:

MarawaTV is an all-access, opinion based, on-the-ground sports content channel for a global audience. It delivers exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the latest sporting events from around the world with real-time content, updates and interviews profiling teams, players, tournaments and sports cultures.

The blessing of the internet

The good thing the about the internet (or social media) is that it has eroded geographic boundaries. Because Robert Marawa is not constrained to deliver his content to a specific geographic area, he can deliver it to everybody in all corners of the world. Once he creates a huge following on his YouTube channel (500 000 subscribers perhaps) he could launch an actual TV channel which can be accessed on DStv. YouTube provides him with a good testing ground to experiment on what appeals to his followers. Or perhaps he can just stick to being YouTuber and get his paycheck from Google which has made many people millionaires.

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