Paying DStv Via Standard Bank In SA Is ‘Complexly Simple,’ It’s ‘Simply Simple’ With Techzim App

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DSTV bond notes payments

So DStv and Standard Bank in South Africa are running an advert for paying for DStv using the Standard Bank App. They claim the process is easy and simple. However, the process is so complex that it needs a whole 40 seconds for them to explain just how simple it is.

This did not go unnoticed by South African branding expert, Andy Rice. Rice ridiculed the ad on a weekly discussion termed ‘Heroes and Zeroes’ which discusses the great and not so great advertising messages in South Africa. The segment is part of what’s called the Money Show, a South African radio programme by Bruce Whitfield.

What’s wrong with advert?

Well the advert had to be 40 seconds long yet it was describing a ‘fast and easy’ method to pay for DStv. The fast and easy method itself is 11 steps long! How is that anywhere close to being fast and easy?

Let the experts speak: here is Andy Rice talking about the advert. It’s a short audio clip, really funny- listen in!

Here is what we call simple

Kuzvifonera… (can’t translate, sorry). The Techzim Market App (which you can download here) makes it very easy to pay for your DStv in the local currency. Here’s how:

Step 0: Open app

Open the app and select DStv. Here’s how it looks:

Step 1: Enter details

Fill in the details. Your DStv smartcard number, surname of account holder, the WhatsApp number to reach you on, you select the bouquet and any add ons you want and you select the bank you use for zipit. After that you tap the ‘Buy’ button. Here is how it looks:

Step 2: Confirm your payment details

This is the irritating step! Anyway, we need you to confirm that indeed you want to pay the amount specified to Techzim. It will look like this:

Last step: Enter PIN

You confirm the ZIPIT payment by entering your PIN. That’s the last thing you do. This is the screen:

Of course this will only work if you have money in your account. If you are like me and there is no money in that account this is what you get:

The download link again



  1. Anonymous

    Hi techzim, does connection instant? Are there no security issues with banks?

  2. Tinashe Nyahasha

    Connection is according to this schedule:

    If you pay before 09:30 your account will be credited by 10:00
    If you pay between 09:30 and 12:30 it will be credited by 13:00
    If you pay between 12:30 and 3:30 it will be credited by 16:00
    If you pay after 15:30 it will be credited by 10:00 the next day

    You can get more details here:

    We are using secure platforms, to answer your second question

  3. Wendy

    I made a DSTV purchase over 2 hours ago and was expecting my connection at 4pm but still nothing

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Hi Wendy. Extremely sorry about that. I have forwarded this to our service team, expect them to reach out and to process your order soon.

      I will personally follow up too and reach out to you as well

  4. Anonymous

    Do guys do SA accounts or its Zim only

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      We have suspended doing SA accounts for now

  5. Ngoniee Mac Dee Gwarazimba

    Do you still cater for SA accounts