Paradise Game Center – Largest Video Game, eLearning & edtech Center In West Africa Opens Its Doors

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Wednesday saw the opening of a historic gaming venue that is meant to help eSports players, parent-children relationships and provide recreation to an expected 500 000 visitors a year.

Located in Côte d’ivoire’s Cosmos Yopougon shopping mall, Paradise is now the largest video game venue of West Africa.

The center has the latest equipments and focuses on the promotion of esports in Africa through tournaments and esport players training for international competitions

The gaming center is serious about becoming a gaming hub and will host a number of events and programs to that effect:

  • Video game fans can now enjoy the latest games while preparing for the upcoming FEJA, the largest esport event in Africa.
  • Starting in September 2019, a dedicated room of 80 m² will host middle school and high school students for training sessions on computers, robotics, and the development of video games.
  • In 2020, the game center will host the first « edtech & e-learning program » of Yopougon where startups, teachers, students and entrepreneurs will work together on creating the future educational tools for Africa.

According to the press release bring distributed there is also hope that the centre will boost familial relations -particularly children and parents:

Paradise Game provides entertainment for children and parents as well. Through various games and activities, they will learn how to build a stronger parent-children relationship

Parents are not the most welcoming when it comes to gaming so it will be interesting to see if this actually becomes the case.

Finally, in August the game centre will be filled with celebratory events which include video game crash courses. If you’re into gaming, Paradise Game Centre sounds like… Paradise.