One Top-Up Gives NetOne Subscribers 10% Discount For Buying Airtime With OneMoney

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
OneMoney debit card

NetOne has been trying to incentivise use of their OneMoney platform and their One Top-Up service seems like a pretty good way to do so.

One Top-Up gives a 10% discount to customers purchasing airtime using the OneMoney platform and NetOne is positioning the product as more than just an incentive for customers as they are marketing it as something for savvy subscribers to make money from.

This product offers an opportunity for individuals to sell airtime using the One Top-Up platform making a profit from the discount. This is a welcome development, given the current economic situation where individuals need all revenue generating streams and cost cutting solutions.

I have no doubts this will continue to encourage growth as NetOne saw a 29.2% increase in OneMoney subscribers during the first quater of the year, allowing NetOne’s mobile money arm to pass 300 000 users for the first time.

The growth in OneMoney subscribers has also contributed to NetOne’s stellar financial performance for 2018 and if NetOne can truly rival EcoCash with OneMoney then they stand to make a significant amount from the charges placed on users to transact.

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