Local Finance App CashLedger Now Available Globally

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Locally developed CashLedger is now being rolled out beyond our borders, in what is a serious statement of intent from local development team – Mobisoft. CashLedger allows one to view financial transactions from all Banks and Mobile Wallets and the Business app also allows one to remotely view all their financial transactions online through a Web Portal.

Mobisoft Founder & CEO broke the news on his LinkedIn account with a post which read:

Thanks to an an amazing dev team and some marketing wizardry, today I am both humbled and excited to announce that in a few days…. CashLedger will support all Banks and Mobile Wallets in the entire world. The support we have been getting from partners across Africa and beyond has been nothing short of breathtaking… and we continue to add even more official partners. Thank you all so much 🙏🏽 hashtag#ForeverGrateful

Gedion Moyo

Gedion then reached out to us with the news and of course we had a few questions regarding just how this roll out would work and speaking on how they’ve achieved this, Mr Moyo explained that whilst CashLedger was previously restricted to local banks, Mobisoft has now developed AI algorithms which can detect financial transactions for any bank/mobile wallet regardless of location.

In terms of processing payments from users outside of Zimbabwe, Mobisoft will be doing that through Google’s in-app purchases and they hinted that charges will be minimal since “our market catchment areas is now not limited to Zim.”

I also asked Gedion what Mobisoft’s expectations for traction would be considering they are entering markets that might be different from Zimbabwe and he said they would focus on mobile-money heavy markets initially:

Our main target areas will be countries where mobile money usage is significant. We are finalizing partnerships in Kenya and Tanzania because we want to hammer our marketing in on those before ricocheting the tempo to the rest of the world. But out of the box, CashLedger will work for any bank or Mobile Wallet which has sms notifications enabled

Download CashLedger on Android here



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