How Are YoMix Prices/Charges Determined? Here’s The Answer

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Good news, YoMix app is now working properly after ‘going AWOL’ since Saturday’s Econet blackout. YoMix has been the savior for those who want to surf the web at cheaper rates. 50 Megabytes goes for $0.24 in YoMix but outside YoMix it goes for $3.

However, recently some people have been raising questions as to how YoMix determines it’s pricing because different people get different prices for the same bundle. For instance, my 7.81 gig bundle cost $32 but my girlfriend’s 7.81 gig bundle cost $82. This has led some people to say that YoMix is favouring some users.

Here’s how prices are determined in YoMix

Well according to Econet, YoMix’s algorithm determines the price due to the time (of using the app to make purchase), the place (location) and most importantly your historical data of call, sms and data usage. Econet’s Customer Support tweeted:

In a nutshell, YoMix’s uses dynamic pricing for every user instead of just a single price which is used for data bundles bought outside YoMix.

I think its true because sometimes when I’m in Warren park my price for YoMix will be higher than when I’m in Kuwadzana. And even when I’m in Kuwadzana sometimes YoMix prices changes (but most times it will be cheap).

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  1. Tinashe Chimwariro

    Saturday’s black out was convincing.

  2. Marshall Chikari

    But I don’t understand why they introduced YoMix with cheaper bundle and increased the bundle outside YoMix

  3. Nicky

    I bought 4.95 gig plus 350 texts and 52 mins a month ago I payed 18.35 today that same bundles is now 140 dollars what the heck you guys

  4. Arnold nyaumba

    I paid for my yomix bundles on 16 July 2019 but up to now handina kuwana mabundles angu ..ndofona almost everydae ku111 but havana haavarikuita