France Passes Bill That Will Allow Them To Fine FB & Tech Companies For Keeping Hate Speech On Their Platform

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
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French government has approved some measures aimed at tech giants to force them to remove hateful content as soon as possible. Once the bill is approved it will push companies such a Facebook to remove hate speech in 24hrs- after it has been flagged.

Failure to do so will result could result in a fine if upto €1.25 million euros. It will be interesting to see how France regulate this as this could the up mean Facebook are constantly fined for failure to spot “hateful content”.

This law is pretty similar to one already passed in Germany which saw Facebook hit with a $2 million fine.

Authorities in France are said to be having challenges defining what constitutes hate speech and how they would regulate it. The basic idea is that the platforms remove content that encourages violence, discrimination and child pornography.


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