5 WhatsApp Apps With An Anti-Ban Feature- They Claim That You Won’t Be Banned

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Fans of modded WhatsApp apps are one hell of a resilient group of WhatsApp users. From the fans the I know, even if they have been banned more than once by using apps like GB WhatsApp, they still reinstall them after the ban ends.

Speaking of banning, they are several modded WhatsApp apps that have recently come out that claim to have a feature called Antiban that prevents users from being banned.

To the dissapointment of some, the modded haven’t lived up to their billing as people still get banned after installing apps with the Antiban feature. But other few people claim that the Antiban feature work for certain time. If you crave using modded WhatsApp apps and willing to try out the feature, here are some apps you can download:

WhatsApp Plus

Download here

GB WhatsApp

Download here


Download here


Download here

OG WhatsApp

Download here

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  1. Anonymous

    ive been using plus for 2 or so years… no hussle

  2. Guy Goma

    they will be able to ban within a week, have tried one and i got banned after only 3 days of use,Whatsapp has been aggressive lately.Just stick to the Original,buy a second phone with a second number,not these moded versions.

    1. Anonymous

      I downloaded Gb antiban since they started banning people and wasn’t banned even today

  3. SG_

    but u shld have also mentioned Jimtech Whatsapp

    I have used it for over 3years never been banned

  4. Anonymous

    Y are u whastapp not working