16 Year Old Wins US$3 Million At The Fortnite World Cup Gaming Competition

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Whilst eSports and gaming in general is widely looked down upon, the people who play competitively at high levels are raking in considerable amounts of money. Case in point: 16-year-old Kyle Giersdof just won $3 million at the just ended Fortnite World Cup.

The World Cup with a prize pool of US$30 Million took place over the weekend, with the duos (a game mode where there are 50 teams of two battling it out) portion of the event taking place on Saturday. This also saw the European team of Emil Pedersen and David “Aqua” W, bagging US$3 million. Kyle’s victory came in the solo competition the following day.

The Fortnite World Cup was announced last June, and the qualifiers for the competition only begun this year in April. According to Cnet, players earned points in either single or duos weekly tournaments to qualify for the finals. Those with the highest points total were invited to the event and play for the first prize of $3 million as well as the crown of the best Fortnite player in the world.

eSports have quickly become million-dollar affairs so if your child suggests he wants to play games competitively for a living, don’t be quick to scoff at the idea. He/She might be able to buy you a solar system that gets you out of the dark in these trying times from gaming.

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  1. Kundai Mubaiwa

    I also play Fortnite as well on my PS4, and is very fun indeed. Wish there was also Zimbabwean Fortnite players and also competitive Fortnite tournaments here in Zim. You know, we must not look down upon video games nowadays. Also are there any other Zim Fortnite players out there? IF they are there RISE UP PLEASE and lets grow the Fortnite community in Zim.