ZOL Announces New Top-Up Packages For Wibroniks And A New Fibroniks Package

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ZOL has announced a host of new Wibroniks Top-Up packages and one new Fibroniks package.

PackageUSD PriceRTGS$ PriceData
Wibroniks 4$4$192GB
Wibroniks 59$59$27160GB
Wibroniks 99$99$399100GB

The new Fibroniks Come Alive package will cost you US$99/RTGS$455.40 and subscribers get 150GB of data.

ZOL has been constantly readjusting their pricing since the back end of 2018 in order to keep up with an economy that has been on a consistent downward spiral for over a year now.

It would be interesting to note what these changes have done to the subscriber base; Whether people sacrificing home internet in response to these increases or they instead are opting to downgrade their packages and use the internet less and less.

Considering the very aggressive load-shedding schedule adopted countrywide, I wouldn’t be surprised if many individuals are deserting home internet altogether.

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  1. Student X

    we are downgrading lol

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      Lol it’s tough out here 😂😂😂

  2. phillipgarayi

    We are downgrading

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