You Can Now Order The Herald And Other Newspapers On WhatsApp And Get It Delivered

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Zimpapers will soon start to do home delivery of its newspapers via WhatsApp. It means that you will able to order a newspaper on your smartphone to be delivered at your doorstep.

Zimpapers has always been doing home deliveries of it’s newspapers through its subscription service. But now home delivery is coming for anybody who orders the newspapers through WhatsApp.

Zimpapers says it will start doing this type of delivery this month. However, the company says that it will only carry out home deliveries for weekend papers and not all the daily (weekdays) papers. I suppose that way they will be trying to assess if it’s a sustainable business model. If the model works in pulling more readers then I’m sure they will dare to extend home deliveries even for weekdays newspapers. As Zimpapers circulation manager, Mrs Liz Mushonga puts it:

The expected result is an increased uptake of our weekend papers by those who may not want to leave their houses in search of papers….

How to order

As a customer if you want to order a Zimpapers newspaper, you gotta have a phone with WhatsApp and an EcoCash registered line. On how to order Mrs Mushonga said:

Customer pays using our given number via EcoCash, then sends proof of payment and location via WhatsApp to order their required papers

So you just pay for a preferred newspaper on Zimpaper’s EcoCash number and then you send them a proof of payment and where you are located on their WhatsApp number. As simple as that.

Getting the job done

Zimpapers has a huge network of vendors who sell their papers so I don’t think it will have trouble to make sure that newspapers will not only get delivered but also get timely delivered.