ZESA Board Members Fired 2 Months After Their Appointment

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ZESA load shedding timetable

The new Energy Minister decided to fire the ZESA board after reviewing their performance since being appointed on the 19th of March. This means the board only served for 80 days before being branded as unfit.

Fortune Chasi took to Twitter to explain his decision:

ENERGY UPDATE: today I took the decision to dissolve the ZESA board. This was after reflecting on the dire power situation in the country. Upon reviewing the minutes of the board I was convinced that it was in the national interest that I take the action I took.

Zesa is central to our economy. It must be led by women & men (in that order)of skill & integrity & experience. Zesa is crying out for transformation.

Advocate Fortune Chasi – Minister of Energy

The move comes amid an ongoing power crisis that has seen the Minister admit that the country’s power supply was enough to sustain us for 14 weeks (13 since the statement was declared a week ago) if power usage continues trending the way it has.


  1. Mukanya

    Zesa or rather the entire ministry of energy and etc is shrouded in a museum of chaos and mismanagement!

    1. Anonymous

      Including the minister, who tell us to use bike Social media had taught me to respect the bastard. But he is no deserving of any, until he proves otherwise. ZANU DNA runs in his blood like all of them.

  2. mutizwa

    You desoleve a board that said let’s increase tarrifs and black every effort it does to sustain the situation it coast 0.09 cents RTGS where on earth have you heard such a price