You Can Now Download Files Up To 200MB Using Mobile Data On Your iPhone

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
Apple iOS 8

Apple has silently implemented a change in the App Store that’s likely to be well received by iPhone users with unlimited mobile data plans.

The tech giant now allows its users to download apps, games and files that are 200 Megabytes (MB) big. The older limit was 150 MB, and anything larger than that required a Wi-Fi connection.

Why the hell does Apple cap users?

Apple’s cellular data limit prevents iPhone and iPad users from accidentally downloading a big file, game, movie or app from the Apple Store and use up all of their limited carrier data. But a 200MB cap, with no option to disable it, is laughable in 2019.

The limit leads to developers working to keep their apps under the cellular download limit, in order to reduce the chances of a user not downloading their app due to the limit.

Why has it increased the cap?

While Apple has not revealed the reason behind the increase in download limit, it is most likely due to apps growing in size over the years, alongside the size of updates for heavy games which often cross that threshold. Although the increment is not substantial, it is certainly a welcome one.

Is it for everyone?

Because this update takes place on Apple’s side, all devices connecting to the App Store are getting it, so it’s not dependent on model or iOS version. You can try it out yourselves by disabling the Wi-Fi connection and starting the download of a large app on cellular.