Uber Considering Launching Boat-Hailing Service In Lagos To Solve Traffic Problems

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Uber is a pretty interesting company. From their origins as a luxury transportation company, they’ve transitioned to “affordable” ride-hailing, food delivery, bike hailing and are working on self-driving cars.

One of the more interesting projects that might come out of Uber is a boat-hailing service inspired by the infamous Lagos traffic. Considering that 3 of every 10 years spent in Lagos is lost to traffic, boat-hailing might be welcomed with open arms by Lagos residents.

Uber’s Chief Business Officer, the logistics company was mulling the viability of such a service:

We are looking at the waterways here, which are very interesting to us as it relates to a potential service. We did launch Uber Boat in Mumbai and we have watched the product develop. It’s in its early stages and we think there is high relevance here.

Brooks Entwistle

Uber launched a similar service in Egypt back in 2016 and then recently in Mumbai. In Egypt, UberBoat had a maximum capacity of 4 riders and had a price range of US$4.79-$9.58 at the time of launch. The service operated on the Nile.

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