Tired Of Exorbitant Charges When Sending Money Using EcoCash? Send $1000 & Get Charged 35c Using MyCash

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I’ve heard a lot more grumbles when people send money using EcoCash. Why? Well, the general feeling is that doing so costs an arm and a leg and if there were an alternative a number of people would consider flocking to that.

Well, MyCash Send2Cell is that alternative that you might want to check out if saving money is something you find appealing. Send2Cell allows you to send money (upto $1000) for only 35c. Yuhp only 35c. On EcoCash 35c only allows you to send $10. Now this means MyCash allows you to send 100 times more for roughly the same amount. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

If you’re sending to someone who hasn’t registered to use MyCash then the fee increases marginally to 50c. Still palatable and less irritating than what EcoCash asks you to shell out. You may be wondering where these unregistered people can then cash-out once they have gotten these fees but they can simply register and the funds that had been sent to their number are then transferred to their newly registered wallet.

If you’re interested in signing up for MyCash and experiencing these more convenient rates for sending money all you need to do is dial *212# and it will take you through a step by step self-registration process.

To send money using the Send2Cell feature, all you need to do is dial *212# then select option 4 Send2Cell, enter the number you want to send to, the amount and confirm.

The person who has received the money can proceed to send it to banks via ZIPIT or pay for their ZESA, TelOne and other bills.

[Update] The 35c excludes Mthuli Ncube’s 2% tax, so ultimately it will rise above 35c.



  1. simbarashe

    Waaaaal surely MyCash is the best , no other financial institution has ever cared for its clients like MyCash ..
    Thank you MyCash you always put a smile on my face , l really appreciate

  2. Anonymous

    Every dollar counts. Great way to send money with its true value not being wiped away by charges.

  3. Shemmie

    Who is the handler of MyCash, for all I know Ecocash is handled by Econet, One Wallet is handled by Netone. So who is MyCash?

    1. Anonymous


  4. Max

    Wow, I just registered, so quick and simple! MyCash is the future, and at 0.35c at today’s rate, that is basically next to nothing!

  5. Rutendo

    Whom’s network is to be used on ur mycash it’s partly theft from my own assessment

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Hey maybe explain what you mean a bit more when you say you think it’s theft so I can answer the question better

      1. Zwe Simela

        I think she means having a monetary exchange platform using someone else’s network and probably not paying for it. It’s not theft Rutendo, if it was I’m sure the networks would have reacted. MyCash has been around for quite some years now, only it hasn’t reached that tipping point of popularity, maybe this year it will.

        Great service mind you.

  6. Iyati

    Works quite well. They need to do more marketing of their fine product

  7. Web Design

    This sounds great. I hope people can jump in at sustainable numbers .