Standard Chartered Launches Fully Digital Bank With Their New Smartphone App

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No one likes to go to the bank. If you do you’re part of an ever shrinking minority. Because this is the case, banks are doing what they can to change their approach and become as agile as mobile money and fintech companies who were disrupting them.

In line with this more modern approach, Standard Chartered made great strides in making sure you don’t ever have to go to your bank branch with the launch of their new Standard Chartered Mobile application.

The application can carry out a lot more functions that other local banks aren’t capable of yet. For instance, one can change their proof of residence within the application by simply taking a picture of the proof of residence (with the guidance of the app).

That is one of many instances which would have seen you forced to go the bank, being put on the application. The application definitely offers more functionality than the application from my bank, Steward and some of the other standout features which you can’t do on other apps include:

  • Remotely a debit card from your phone blocking
  • adding/removing a signatory
  • opening an additional account
  • both local and international funds transfer

The Chairman of the Standard Chartered Board of Zimbabwe Mr Lovemore Manatsa confirmed that the bank has partnered with Econet who will ensure that the app is whitelisted, making it useful even when you don’t have data.

This is probably the best implementation of a mobile banking application and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the banking industry started making their applications more similar to the SC Mobile app.

Download SC Mobile on Android

Download SC Mobile on iOS


  1. Tofara

    There are many SC Mobile apps on Apple Store, for various countries. I could not find one for Zimbabwe.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Follow the link in the article