Paynet And EcoCash Join Heads To Offer Temporary Solution For Payment Of Salaries For FREE

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Since June 15, banks haven’t had access to Paynet’s solution which enables them to make bulk payments. This has meant a delay and disturbance in the issuing out of salaries, as the 5200 clients who were relying on banks to give them this service have had to opt for an alternative which most probably requires some manual work.

Paynet took to their Facebook page to announce the move meant to ease some of the strain that has been placed on companies:

Paynet to EcoCash FREE until 1 August
Paynet users will be able use Paynet’s tested, secure, and private platform to send salaries to Ecocash wallets in less than 15 minutes. Service will be FREE until 1 August 2019

Paynet Facebook post

A Paynet advert that’s taking up space in newspapers reads:

Paynet and EcoCash have announced an introductory offer to provide Paynet’s secure, encrypted and tested salary payment services* FREE OF CHARGE TO SENDERS AND RECIPIENTS through 1 August 2019. Thereafter, the service will be competitively priced compared to any alternatives available in the market*

If you are on the Paynet Platform, simply give us your consent to assign your current contract by filling out a simple online application form. If you aren’t on our platform already, we will get your company signed up right away.

You can use your Paynet Desktop and Paynet online service, just as you always have to pay EcoCash phone numbers instead of bank account details. You will then remit the required funds into a Trust account using ZIPIT or RTGS. Your payments will be credited into employee wallets within minutes.

Your employees will be able to immediately fund their linked bank accounts using Zipit, currently priced by Zimswitch at 55 cents RTGS.