Most Subscribers Don’t Know What POTRAZ Is Or Why They Exist

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One of the many complaints regarding the service we get from mobile networks is simple; when subscribers complain about poor service, there are many occasions when nothing is done. This is when consumers should elevate whatever issues they have to POTRAZ, the regulator of mobile networks. The problem is a significant number of subscribers don’t even know what POTRAZ is and the recent Consumer Satisfaction proves as much.

77% of survey participants answered no to the question, Do you know about POTRAZ? In Rural areas only 19% of consumer households knew about POTRAZ and it the gap wasn’t that great when it comes to urban areas (27%).

Of the 23% who did know about POTRAZ, only 33% actually knew what POTRAZ’s roles are. If we take a deeper look at those who know what POTRAZ’s role is, only 27% know that POTRAZ stands to promote interests of consumers.

If consumers don’t know where to go when they have a problem there’s a big chance that some (if not most) of these problems will go unsolved.

As much is acknowledged in the employee feedback survey which sees 25% of the employees that participated feeling that POTRAZ hasn’t applied enough effort to be known in terms of its mandate. Last year, POTRAZ hosted a number of roadshows around the country in order to increase awareness of their organisation and hopefully by the next time they do another one of their surveys, more consumers will know that they exist and more importantly why they exist.

At the end of the consumer satisfaction report POTRAZ promised they would do simplify educational messages for the ordinary consumers to fully understand the role of POTRAZ… We will see.


  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    It’s one thing to know what it is, or what it’s supposed to do. The question is, are they doing what they are mandated to do? I think they are doing 20% of what they should do. Only popping their heads up, to look like a hero, when tarrifs are about to be increased. Maybe they are silent assasins, toiling in the darkness unseen by the citizens.

  2. wow how simple !

    potraz exists so that they charge very exorbitant fees for ISP/IAP/MNO licenses so that they can buy themselves fancy homes and cars, thats why data costs so much in Zim…

  3. Interest

    Simple have an online forum so we can put our complaints through… Even if we know who they are we don’t want the usually gvt nonsense

  4. Anonymous

    The REAL question is, does POTRAZ know why it exists ?