Minister Mthuli Ncube Doesn’t Respond To Tweets To Avoid Altercation

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
Twitter Tweetstorm

During Mthuli Ncube’s informal meeting with Journalists before the bombshell that was the re-introduction of the Zimdollar, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said he only tweets and avoids responding in order to avoid public altercations.

Considering the backlash the Minister and his policies and reforms have received over the past few months, it’s pretty understandable that he would avoid interaction on social media platforms.

Many on Twitter reacted to this in a negative manner:

Sometimes I do sympathise with public officials who are on the receiving end of endless criticism that might rile one up and maybe that’s what the Minister will be avoiding.

Maybe having someone on his team filter out meaningful questions from his followers whilst leaving out the abusive stuff could help him respond to the nation and give more clarity as one of the biggest complaints, especially regarding the Finance Minister’s social media activity is that he seems out of touch.

Maybe he can also ask for some advice from the Minister of Energy, Fortune Chasi who seems to navigate the rough social media waters pretty smoothly.