Local Network Providers Are Barely Satisfying Customers

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

POTRAZ’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey for 2018 is a pretty interesting glimpse into the general feeling that customers have regarding network provision.

Whilst Econet is the most popular network and Telecel is said to be offering the best toll-free services, the overall picture is that both household consumers and corporates are not exactly satisfied by the service they are getting.

Survey participants were asked the extent to which they were satisfied by their main service providers in the following areas:

  1. Call success rate (ability to get your calls through)
  2. SMS success of delivery
  3. Quality of services that utilize USSD (e.g mobile money, airtime top-up etc)

They were then asked to rate the services on a scale of 1 to 7(Extremely Dissatisfied [1], Dissatisfied [2], Dissatisfied to some extent [3], Not sure [4], Satisfied to some extent [5], Satisfied [6], to Very Satisfied [7] ).

Consumer households rating satisfaction with network parameters

MNOCall Success RateSMS Success DeliveryQuality of services

Corporates rating satisfaction with network parameters

MNOCall Success RateSMS Success DeliveryQuality of services

The results are an indicator that service delivery from mobile networks is just OK. Not wow for the most part but not bad either as none of the networks posted a score of 4 in any category.

The corporate consumers seem to be more pleased by the services they are getting, especially from NetOne which got close to perfect scores in all categories in the corporate survey.

Overall it seems the mobile networks are doing just fine despite the fact that they have been severely affected by the forex shortages that are currently plaguing our currently. But maybe this survey doesn’t take into full account those difficulties as the impact was felt more severely towards the latter end of 2018.


  1. George Chirau

    With Econet serving 89% of household consumers and 88% of corporate consumers country wide, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Telecel supposedly has the best toll free services considering they serve only 10% household consumers and 13% corporate consumers. They have much less traffic on their toll free numbers.

    1. Rex Nhongo

      Is it that they have less traffic or they have more call centre consultants per customer? Amazon has by far more customers than Econet has but I have never had to sacrifice a goat before getting a response from their call centre.