Liberian Government Shuts Down The Internet In Response To Protest

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Former footballer and current Liberian President, George Weah, has had a tumultuous time leading the West African nation. Shortly after coming to power, Weah’s administration lost (yuhp, lost) a container with US$104 million in bank notes and now the same administration has decided to shut down the internet in response to protests against their leadership.

It seems this is fast becoming the default response for African states whenever they want to quell any rebellion. It’s reported that the Libyan state banned WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were all blocked in order to disrupt the “Save the State” protests.

Liberia is not the only country to shut down the internet in response to protests, as Zimbabwe, Gabon, Gambia, Egypt, DRC and Chad are all among African countries that have decided that turning of social media is a better alternative to good governance.


  1. Smartarz

    techzim, do you actually read the articles that you refer from?

    you say its USD$104, but the report clearly says:

    “Shipping containers carrying the equivalent of $104m in Liberian bank notes, ordered by the Central Bank from printers in Sweden and China, arrived at Liberia’s port and then vanished.”

    1. Phidza

      They don’t, this Mudzingwa chap is a clown.

      1. Farai Mudzingwa

        I may be a clown but if you had actually gone inside the article you would notice it says “Shipping containers carrying the equivalent of $104m in Liberian bank notes” and another article not from Techzim-who-don’t-read-articles-before-posting states that it was actually 15.5 billion in Liberian currency. (
        If you don’t mind Phidza, we are taking more applications at the Mudzingwa circus and it seems you’re a prime candidate for our vacant co-clown position…

        1. Smartarz

          you shouldnt be talking as though you are journalist of the year. you guys make amateur hour look like a daily job in the overall context of things. only techzim allows mediocrity like this. anywhere else you would have been replaced already. this is just a fact. instead of fighting with your readers through comments, go and understand why people have this perception of you being a clown in the first place.

          1. Farai Mudzingwa

            No I’m not journalist of the year but once you insult someone be ready for them to respond to your hostility in a hostile manner. Just because you’re a reader, you’re not obligated to be rude, we all make mistakes and if that’s something you can’t understand great for you and your efficiency. Once you’re rude and you insult me however, I’ll respond how I see fit and depending on my mood on that particular day. Have a great day.

            1. Smartarz

              as an author, its your reputation on the line. not ours. if you carry on being defensive as though us readers owe you money for your time, you will come short. you need us more than we need you, this is what you must understand as a journalist.

              1. Farai Mudzingwa

                I’ll be frank with you. If someone cannot make their point respectfully and has to resort to name calling I don’t feel I need them. That attitude of saying “you need us” is why people feel they can call us clowns, fools etc. Because you feel you own us.

                I have no problem being corrected but if someone begins to call me a clown and what not I will bite back and if they decide to no longer read, that’s up to them.

                Those who can make their point respectfully will continue getting information and maybe if someone doesn’t call me a clown I will actually be more receptive of their criticism. Just learn to communicate respectfully and in sure HUMAN BEING on the other end will hear you.

                This whole business of calling people names on the internet because you’re anonymous will not add any value to anyone’s life.
                Enjoy your day

    2. Farai Mudzingwa

      You see the problem with taking an accusatory stance: the article says “Shipping containers carrying the equivalent of $104m in Liberian bank notes” in Liberian currency it’s actually equal to 15.5 billion as noted in this here article:
      Not so smart eh, Smartaz?🤔

      1. Smartarz

        so to be clear, there wasnt USD in that container as you imply?

        “Weah’s administration lost (yuhp, lost) a container with US$104 million in bank notes”

        btw, you spell yup doesnt have an ‘h’ in it. dont be silly