iPhone Users, The Next Version Of iOS promises Apps That Are 50% Smaller

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If you live in a country where internet data comes at a premium (Zimbabwe is on that list) you’ll be happy to know that the next version of iOS is coming with some features that’ll allow you to spend much more data when it comes to installing and updating applications on your iPhone.

During the presentation covering new features coming to iOS 13, Apple confirmed that they will be packaging applications in a different manner, resulting in applications that are 50% smalller.

I don’t use an iPhone personally, but I’ve heard iOS users complain about how apps on iPhones tend to be larger than their Android alternatives and this new feature will definitely be welcome, especially once you consider how the cost of internet has been trending locally.

In addition to apps being smaller, updates will also be 60% smaller than before which once again means, more data to the people.

This also seems like a great update for those of you with 32Gb iPhones as you’ll be able to install more applications in your tiny storage allocations.

I don’t think this feature is available on the iOS 13 beta yet, so users will only be able to know how accurate these claims are once the updates are available on their devices but if the claims are close to being true then iOS users rejoice.

iOS 13 will be compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 6S or later
  • iPad Air 2 or later
  • the new iPad mini 4
  • iPhone SE

If you have a device older than the one’s mentioned, it doesn’t seem you’ll be getting more storage and efficient use of data along like the rest of the iOS user base.


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  1. Flanker

    Yet to see much more from Apple. Am enjoying my iPhone for the first time.

    My zeel for iPhone came after visiting this site’s post