Here’s Where You Can Watch The Afcon Tournament In Zimbabwe

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Afcon kicks off later in the evening today and the first match being between our beloved country versus Egypt. It’s such a shame that ZBC is failing to broadcast the match and the rest of the tournament to the millions of football fans in Zim.

So let me just let you how you can watch the tournament.

First Option

Since time immemorial DStv has always faithfully broadcasted Afcon and many loved tournaments so its a no brainier that it will give you this year’s tournament again.

On DStv you get to watch every match through its Supersport channels. But it all depends with the bouquet you’d have subscribed for– Premium subscribers can watch all the matches and Access susbcribers can watch some matches.

Another option to watch Afcon on DStv

Apart from watching Afcon on your TV whilst seated on your couch, you can watch it on-the-go using DStv Now.DStv Now is DStv’s mobile app that you can use to watch most programmes that’s are shown using your DStv decoder.

The good thing is that you don’t have to pay to use DStv Now since you will be using your subscription from your decoder to watch programmes. So if you are subscribed, it’s just a matter of heading to the Play store or App Store and download the DStv Now app and use your mobile data to stream Afcon.

Second Option

For those who have decoders like OVHD,you can watch Afcon on SABC channels. South Africa’s state broadcaster didn’t buy all the rights so you will only be able to watch certain matches. The good thing is they have published a list of matches you will watch. Here it is:

LIVE – June 21, Egypt v Zimbabwe – 21:30

LIVE – June 22, Nigeria v Burundi – 19:00

LIVE – June 23, Morocco v Namibia – 16:30

LIVE – June 24, Cote d’Ivoire vs South Africa – 16:30

Delayed – June 25, Cameroon v Guinea-Bissau – 23:30

Delayed – June 26, Nigeria vs Guinea – 23:30

Delayed – June 27, Senegal vs Algeria – 23:30

LIVE – June 28, South Africa vs Namibia – 21:30

Delayed – June 28, Morocco vs Cote d’Ivoire – 00:00

Delayed – June 29, Cameroon vs Ghana – 00:30

Delayed – June 30, Uganda v Egypt – 22:00

Delayed – June 30, Zimbabwe vs DR Congo – 00:00

LIVE – July 1, South Africa vs Morocco – 17:30

Delayed – July 1, Namibia vs Cote d’Ivoire – 23:30

Delayed – July 2, Benin vs Cameroon – 23:30

LIVE – July 14, Semi finals

LIVE – July 19, Final

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  1. Fanuel

    Watch Afcon for free on any fta receiver.

    Compatible receivers: DVB-S / DVB-S2 / MPEG4 / HD

    Satellite: IS20 @68.5° East

    Channel Name: BTV ENC B

    Frequency: 12658

    Symbol Rate: 04882

    Polarization: Vertical

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you, it worked.

  2. Boorangoma Paurosi

    The SABC via OVHD option also sucks this time around. Too many delayed matches at 00.00. Only one of the Warriors group matches is live. Chemahara mushana gore rino 😂