Energy Minister: We Are Going To Be Receiving Energy From Eskom & We Are Negotiating With Mozambique

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The Minister of Energy Honourable Fortune Chasi has spoken regarding the recent US$10 million paid to Eskom, confirm that it will indeed help in plugging the power generation holes currently plaguing the country.

During a recent Cabinet briefing Honourable Chasi acknowledged the payment to Eskom but would not go into further details

I can’t pronounce at the moment, exact the number of Megawatts we are going to be receiving but that digit of $10 million is a significant development which we expect to alleviate our current difficulties in the area of power.

The Minister also disclosed that they are negotiating with Mozambique to try and improve the situation:

We are also going to engage in further detailed discussions with our neighbors in Mozambique (ECB), after the intervention by the President on his recent visit, to work out the details of what is possible. At an appropriate time we will be able to communicate with you the exact agreements which we have reached and the power we will be getting and when.

Considering that the electricity has become unbearable with constant faults at the power stations extending already long load-shedding periods, this news will be welcome.

As with anything coming from government officials taking it with a healthy dose of scepticism will definitely not hurt.


  1. Cool Head

    What happened to the diesel generating plant in Chitungwiza? And why are we not going for gas-powered plants, which are cheaper and quicker to set up, with fertliser and LPG as fringe benefits???

  2. Anonymous

    Hang on a minute here. Zim has just sent over US$10mil to Eskom for power. I would have thought that it would have been better spent on upgrading or improving our own power plants to generate the power such that we dont have power failures. But oh no! Let’s send money to SA and put the Zimbabwean people in more debt with other nations. Very smart!!!!