Chitungwiza VID Adopts Electronic Provisional Driver’s Test

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

[Image Source]: Ministry of Transportation

After many promises, the VID finally launched the computerised PDL (Provisional Driver’s Licence) test earlier this year. With the launch of the digital test, one of the many questions that many, including myself,
had was whether or not VID would keep their promise of making this test available outside of Eastlea VID?

It seems VID have kept their word as the Ministry of Transport posted to their Twitter page confirming that VID Chitungwiza has undergone the digital transformation and the Electronic Learners’ License System is now being offered.

VID Chitungwiza is now live on Electronic Learners’ License System, formerly known as the Provisional Driver’s License.— Ministry of Transport – Zimbabwe (@MinistryofTID) June 11, 2019

The digital has been implemented as a measure to curb corruption at VID as some test takers were falling victim to invigilators who required a bribe in order to grant pass marks. VID hopes the new system which is randomly generated and marked by the computer will do away with the corruption involved in getting a licence.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    They weren’t falling victim to invigilators. People offer bribes, of their accord, to get a guaranteed pass. I’m yet to hear of anyone being failed despite getting their answers correct. Both the invigilator and learner drivers are to blame when corruption occurs.