Caught On Camera: Guy Smashing Windows And Stealing From Parked Cars

Tinashe Nyahasha Avatar

We need more cameras in our public spaces. Hack dare I say it, we want facial recognition software to go with it!

Crime has been on the up and up as the economy keeps spiraling down. Technology can help limit this trend. Here is a video of a group of these smash and grab guys in action, just tells me how much more we need to invest in the tech that helps solve this big problem:

I have strong feeling about this because not so long ago a Techzim car was broken into like this and a lot of equipment was stolen. Bring the cameras!


  1. Neo

    Lol. Slow news day huh?

  2. Mwana wevhu

    What people need are just jobs. If the country has jobs people will have decent livelihoods. People are being pushed into crime by lack. I know this sounds as if I condone criminality but as long as people are squeezed by poverty they will end up creating undesirable alternatives to earn a living.

  3. Warm baked bread

    Where was this?

  4. memo

    Zoom in, freeze frame, and capture his full image with a clear face facing the camera, publish his picture and put him in jail

  5. Gibbs

    Face recognition is not the panacea for solutions to crime, besides the west is actually fighting how its used and right currently has not been fail safe and likely can be abused. Legally its playing on a thin age with privacy concerns. I personally would say nay to face recognition just
    research these before advocating its use

    1. ticky sibanda

      Gibbs I would say that u are on thin ice