C-Trade’s Auto Trading Feature Allows You To Buy/Sell Stocks Whilst Offline

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

We’ve raged on about the convenience offered by C-Trade along with the necessity of such a platform needing to exist. With over 10 000 investors registering in half a year, it’s clear a number of people are interested in the convenience offered by the platform.

Adding to this convenience is an auto-trading feature that was added to C-Trade. This allows investors to automatically trade without being online or having to constantly follow the stock price.

Using the auto-trade feature, investors can set instructions that will buy/sell stocks once they reach a certain price. This means if you (i.e the investor) have set your sights on buying and selling a certain stock once it reaches a certain price you don’t have to be constantly checking in and looking at the stock price as your instruction will automatically purchase/sell the shares once they reach the specified threshold. That’s if you’ve funded your C-Trade account of course.

Auto Trading is available for counters that are trading both on FINSEC as well as on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Once a preset order is executed, investors will get a notification that their instruction has been executed. If the stock reaches the desired price and your account doesn’t have funds you’ll also get a notification, allowing you to add the funds and then purchase the shares.

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