Android’s Budget Go Devices Sales Thought To Be High As Google Go App Passes 100 Million Install Mark

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

When Google announced the Android Go program there were many questions regarding the impact of such a program and whether it would finally put decent, secure and affordable devices made by reputable manufacturers in the hands of consumers.

It seems that’s the case, as the number of times Google’s Go app has been downloaded is being taken as an estimate of the number of devices running Android Go which come with the application pre-installed. The application has been downloaded 100 million times which some think is evidence that a significant number of these Android Go devices are flying off the shelf and ending up in the hands of consumers.

Whilst that’s a wild guess when you consider the fact that even non Android Go users can download the application and have incentive to do so as the app actually saves data and storage. Nonetheless less popular apps, Gmail Go and Google Maps have each been installed on over 50 million devices, which might support the theory that there are many of these devices in the wild.

It is pretty important that Android Go devices get wider adoption as they are expected to replace counterfeit phones which come as security and safety risks to their users. These counterfeit devices have been outlawed in countries like Pakistan and one would expect that low-cost alternatives like Android Go devices will fill up that gap.