5 Best Apps To Run 2 WhatsApp Apps (With Different Numbers) On One Phone

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Although there are relatively latest phone’s that come with a native app to help you clone WhatsApp, other phones don’t have those native apps so they have to rely on Google Play Store. And there are plenty of those WhatsApp/app cloners available on the Google Play Store

So, I’m going to share five best Android apps that can help you to run Multiple WhatsApp account on your smartphone.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is one of the best and top-rated Android app that can be used to clone the WhatsApp Android app. That means users can use Parallel Space to create a clone version of WhatsApp to login with different accounts. Not just WhatsApp, but Parallel Space can also clone other instant messaging and social networking apps as well.

Download it here


Guess what? 2Accounts even allows users to create clones of gaming apps The user interface of 2Accounts is clean and neatly organized- its better than Parallel Space.

Download it here

Parallel U

Parallel U is another top-rated app cloner available on the Google Play Store. Just like all other App cloner apps for Android, Parallel U can also clone popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The app is extremely lightweight and it doesn’t hurt the performance of your device.

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For me Multi is my best app cloner available on the Google Play Store that can clone almost all popular apps. Apart from creating a clone version of apps, Multi also offers a private locker that can be used to lock the cloned apps.

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Super Clone

Super Clone is a relatively new Android app cloner available on the Google Play Store. The app can clone almost all popular apps and games like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Apart from that, it was the app icon customization feature that makes the app different from its competitors. With Super Clone, you can also customize the icons of cloned apps.

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Take your pick.


  1. sirPardon

    Jus buy a Xiami Model. It has a built-in Option to dualise applications.

  2. SARA

    Wow! that’s so interesting. and helpful to use different numbers on same mobile. Thanks for sharing this !

  3. Divine

    wont I get banned by WhatsApp for cloning their App