5 Best Apps To Download Your Contact’s WhatsApp Status Videos And Photos

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Stop irritating people by asking them to send you funny or touching videos and pictures they would have posted on their WhatsApp Status. Rather, just download for yourself the picture or video they would have posted on the status. How do you download things posted on WhatsApp status?

The answer is: WhatsApp status downloader apps. Indeed, download stuff posted on WhatsApp with a dedicated WhatsApp Status downloader.

I know there was a time I told you that you can download/save a WhatsApp status through WhatsApp web app or through your file manager. The problem with those tricks is that:

  • For the WhatsApp web trick-many people don’t use WhatsApp on their PC’s and laptops so the trick is not relevant to many.
  • For the file manager trick- its seems like a tedious process compared to using WhatsApp status downloaders.

Back to status downloaders, there are just too many of them so I think it’s best you use the really good one’s.

Despite being different apps they share almost a similar process when it comes to downloading WhatsApp Status’. To download your contact’s picture or video, you first have to view (or open) the picture or video in the original WhatsApp app and then head to the status downloader. When you get into the status downloader app, you will see the pictures and videos of the status’ you viewed or opened in the WhatsApp app. In the status downloader, tap the picture or video you want to download in your phone and tap the download/save icon in the status downloader app. In a matter of seconds, your favorite whatsapp status video or image will be in your phone storage so that you can even repost the video or picture on your own status, share with friends or stick it up as your profile picture.

Here are the best WhatsApp status downloaders

Status Saver

  • The allows you to download status from WhatsApp Business too
  • You can use it in dark mode
  • Sends notification when there is a new status
  • It comes with ads that. If you don’t want ads, you pay.

Download here

Status Saver

  • Slow to start
  • Shows which media you have already saved/downloaded in your phone
  • Comes with a function that allows you to send a message on WhatsApp without Saving someone’s contact details in your phone.
  • Non-intrusive ads

Download here

Status downloader

  • Colourful interface
  • Shows pictures and videos already saved/downloaded
  • Notifies when there is a new status
  • There are ads which annoy you here and there.

Download here

Status Saver For WhatsApp

  • Very annoying ads whenever you open the app
  • Clean and uncluttered interface

Download here

Status Saver

  • No ads
  • Easy to download/save a status picture or video
  • Allows you to share the downloaded/saved straight from the app

Download here

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  1. Devian Studio

    i am using Tubemate by Devian Studio(https://devianstudio.net/)

    1. Mzenge


  2. Wits

    Do any of these apps copy written statuses or they’re all limited to pictures and video?

  3. Lumrim Kurram

    You can use messaging applications like: Facebook Messenger, Line, Whatsapp … There are many other free apps on Play Store. You can search directly. To install Play Store access to: https://apptogame.com/play-store-apk-free-download/

  4. Anonymous

    First of all, Download** ViStatus** Application -** Download Here** ViStatus – Apps on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sandeep.status_video)
    Install this app
    First** Watch** the Status from the **Whatsapp Messenger**
    Then Open** ViStatus App**, there you can see all your WhatsApp contact’s status (Video/Picture)
    There is a **Download** button on the status. Simply click on it, then the status will be saved to your storage
    That’s all!!** Enjoy downloading** your friends* WhatsApp Status…*..