ZOL Lowers Tariffs For VoIP Service

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

ZOL has been doing a lot to lower to offer their customers more value for their money and the most recent of such moves is the lowering of tariffs for VoIP.

ZOL sent out the following email to customers announcing the change:

Dear Valued Customer

We would like to thank you for using the ZOL Zimbabwe VoIP Service.

As part of our commitment to offer a cost-effective communication service, ZOL Zimbabwe has reduced the off-net VoIP tarrif from RTGS$0.26 to RTGS$0.16 per minute effective 1 May 2019. We would also want to advise you about the introduction of the on-net VoIP tariffs of RTGS$0.08 per minute.

ZOL Zimbabwe statement

The on-net tariff is particularly appealing and it will make ZOL to ZOL calls much cheaper than they were before. 69% cheaper if we’re being a tad more specific.

The new pricing is, however, fractionally more expensive than when ZOL introduced their ZOLphone VoIP offering back in 2016. Back then, the Internet Service Provider was offering calls at 10c a minute for both on-net and off-net calls.


  1. wasnt it free

    I thought that. ZOL 08677 to 08677 was previously FREE. Now its 8 cents per minute?

  2. Interest

    I don’t get it you can use any other VoIP for free…. Why pay 8c

  3. Shame, poor zol !

    exactly why pay 8c per minute for 08677 to 08677, when there are free alternatives…..