ZimWaves Is An App You Can Use To Listen To Local Radio Stations Via The Internet

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

A local developer, Stanley Makazhe has developed an internet radio player app called ZimWaves which you can use to tune in to any local radio station via the internet. It’s only a matter of having an internet connection (and not a headset to look for a signal) to listen to ZiFM using ZimWaves

The app comes with 5 different local radio stations that you can listen to; ZiFM, StarFM, PowerFM, Hevoi FM and YaFM. And tuning into these stations is so easy with the ZimWaves apps.

Do you pay?

ZimWaves is a free app so you don’t dole out any money to use it. You might wonder what’s in it for the developer to give you ZimWaves for free. The developer’s sweat is remunerated with money that comes from the ads that are shown in the app. Don’t worry the ads are not intrusive so your user experience is not compromised that much.

Where to download ZimWaves

ZimWaves is not yet available on Google Play store. Rather, its available on Amazon Appstore (Yes, Amazon has its own app store) which you need to download to be able to download the ZimWaves app.

That tedious process (of first downloading Amazon Appstore) can be avoided by just downloading the app through this link.

After downloading the app, there’s no registration that’s needs to be done, you are just taken straight to the home page to chose your favourite radio stations.

Who would use it?

ZimWaves is quite easy to use and its uncluttered user interface makes it enjoyable to use. Now I’m wondering who would use it?

I mean who would want to buy mobile data to listen to local radio stations when you can just plug your headset and open your native radio station app to access the same radio stations? It will have to be someone who is outside of Zimbabwe (Zim Diaspora) who wants to be in the loop about what’s happening here. And maybe just some people (residing in Zim) who desperately want to listen to radio but don’t have a headset?