Yo Mix Is Now Open For Everyone. And That’s Not The Only New Feature

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

When Yo Mix was initially launched (the good Yo Mix that is), a lot of people were calling for it to be made available to every subscriber. A lot of these people who were complaining found themselves out of the Yo Mix age ranges of 16-34 and it seems that Econet heard their complaints this time around.

Yo Mix is now available and open to every single Econet subscriber even though that’s a bit anti-climatic since the version that the older folk was clamouring for isn’t really similar to the new Yo Mix.

The changes were announced by Econet in a press release sent out by Econet:

The app is also now available to all Econet Buddie prepaid customers, not just to the company’s Elevate youth segment.

Econet Press Release

Opening up the application is definitely welcome but in its state right now, it seems Yo Mix is an app for a very fortunate minority and it certainly isn’t the application that it was before. Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise as tariffs for both voice and data were raised after the pulling of the old Yo Mix

Econet’s Customer Care Twitter account also noted that Yo Mix was still reliant on a dynamic tariff system that’s usage-based:

Hi Elevator, take note that YoMix uses a dynamic tariff based on your historical voice airtime, SMS and Data usage for the past months as well as that of other Elevate club members. The bundle you create is tailor made to your airtime usage and Fair usage policies.

Econet Customer Care

In addition to opening up the application, I’m glad to note that the app has more options in terms of security as you can now update your password. I know this is a simple feature but it was not available before.

In addition to changing your password, Yo Mix can now send you a verification code that you can login with rather than a password which is what I’ve been doing since I had forgotten my password.

Web-Care and Yo Mix

Yo Mix is being integrated with Econet’s Self-Care web portal which is a pretty cool way for Econet to use data at their disposal anyway. There’s an order history section that allows you to track all the bundles you’ve bought. Similarly, there’s also a recharge history which tracks your airtime purchases.

Coming to iOS soon

Another complaint with the initial Yo Mix app was that it wasn’t available on iOS and that set of users really wanted that application. Like the old guys who have now been given access, iOS users will also get to use Yo Mix at some point. Yay…