Vaya To Start Handling Waste Disposal: Are They Spreading Themselves Too Thin?

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

If I were to ask you what Vaya’s core business is what would be the answer. Is it ride-hailing? Or maybe the ambulance service Vaya launched a few months ago. Wait, what about the tractors?? Oh and the express delivery service. That’s already a lengthy list but now prepare to add waste disposal to Vaya’s list of services.

One would assume that their core was the ride-hailing (as that was the most popular) but as time has progressed it seems Vaya might be a logistics business before anything else and Vaya was just the first service. Nothing more, nothing less.

Waste disposal…

Vaya will be helping private waste collectors to collect waste in different areas of Harare. In a press release sent out to media partners, they informed us that they’ve partnered with 8 private companies that have already been collecting refuse.

We are pleased to advise that Vaya Logistics will be used by private waste collectors in the city starting from this week

Vaya Logistics, through its Vaya Truck arm, has asked transport companies with 5-tonne vehicles to provide 50 trucks to support the private companies as an interim measure.

The City has been zoned into franchises where each company will collect waste, working with private contractors.

For the first two weeks, Vaya will be offering the service on a free trial and then after a timetable will be published and residents will be able to order refuse collection from within the app.

Is this too much?

Vaya has unveiled a lot of services since it launched and it feels like they are doing a lot of different things all at once. Maybe, the resources backing the company can allow them to eventually figure things out as they go but I feel there is a risk of the company becoming a jack of all trades and master of none. Of course, I could be entirely wrong and Vaya could do well on the multiple fronts they are entering.

I guess that’s the beauty of the Vaya story, whether I’m right or wrong one thing is guaranteed; there will be an interesting story and lessons worth analysing at the end of this tale.


  1. Anonymous

    Ride hailing on its own is not viable because the systems in the western world are different to those in Zimbabwe. Internet is readily available there and not here. Most in Zimbabwe don’t have phones with enough memory for luxury apps like Vaya. So they need to spread themselves throughout the opportunities that exist. It’s just 50 trucks which are enough for the whole of Harare (the City requires 46 for optimum garbage collections).

  2. Interest

    They jumped on the fact the city of harare is not doing it… Makes sense… The city should stop charging us for it and allow private in

  3. Anonymous

    They are in the business of offering on demand transport and moving services. Simple. Ride hailing was an entry point but they are trying to raise lots of revenue by spreading across multiple services. Hope the fast followers will jump on board and challenge them in the respective businesses.
    They are probably not going to end up wuth all these services in the end but reduce them to only those which work Also remember the unbundling money of their company (econet and cassava) on ZSE has caused them to raise enough money to invest and take risks spreading it across different sectors.