Twitter Now Lets You Add GIFs, Photos And Videos To Retweets

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People now love to share GIFs, photos, and videos on Twitter. Until yesterday, it was really frustrating that it wasn’t possible to include a GIF or video in a retweet.

I guess you’d be happy to know that as from yesterday, Twitter now supports the ability to retweet with a GIF, photo, or video. Essentially, you can retweet something and add your own GIF, photo, or video as a reaction to whatever tweet you are sharing.

This feature is now rolling out in the Twitter apps for Android and iOS as well as mobile browsers but desktop users have got to wait for some time to have it.

How it works

When you hit the retweet button on a tweet, Twitter will now give you the option to attach an image, video, or GIF. After hitting “tweet”, the original tweet will be shrunken down in your timeline while your reply will stand front and centre. It’s a handy tool if you want to add more context to a tweet with a photo or video to communicate a certain message that text or emojis can’t.

A break from 140 characters

The feature will no doubt make Twitter much more vibrant and animated than it was. Also, I think the introduction of this feature indicates that Twitter is moving away from only a text-based platform to a media-based platform where all forms of media can be used to communicate. I’m sure soon Twitter is introducing stickers.