Strive Masiyiwa: Vaya To Use Electric Vehicle’s To Ease Fuel Pressures

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Strive Masiyiwa made a huge announcement on his Facebook page, last week. Vaya will begin using electric vehicles in the near future to ease the fuel problem.

The Econet Global leader dropped hints about the service in the comments section of a Facebook post announcing Vaya’s plan to provide waste management companies with logistics:

“If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, identify a human need, and reach out to solve it in a sustainable way”!

Zimbabwe has an acute problem of fuel [petrol for cars]:

Our team has created a Vaya transport service which uses a Three Wheeler Electric vehicle:

It will have a 3km radius around the CBD.

We are currently waiting for the delivery of the first 100 electric vehicles. They will be recharged at solar powered charging stations, by Vaya’s sister company, dpa Africa.

Welcome Vaya Hopper!

What is that problem you are seeing?
Use it to make money for yourself!
We call that @Entrepreneurship Lol!

Strive Masiyiwa via Facebook

Mr Masiyiwa also mentioned that Vaya will get into Carpooling under the same post:

There are some amazing new services that are being pioneered on the Vaya Platform.

The launch of Vaya Carpool, which is scheduled for the next two weeks, is going to be a real game changer. The cost will be much lower than the current service [Vaya Premium]

Vaya Hopper [the electric vehicles] will also help ease pressure over fuel.

Strive Masiyiwa via Facebook.

As with most services/products offered locally, the cost will go a long way in determining the uptake of Vaya Hooper. Having DPA (a sister of sorts) provide power to the electric vehicles could result in Vaya Hopper launching with competitive and palatable pricing.

Update: Vaya Hooper is already listed on Vaya’s site and the service is listed with the following description:

VAYA Hooper

Is for customers requiring motorbike, electric cycle or 3-wheeler rides to hop from one place to another in congested areas.

It’s not clear if the service will be called Hopper or Hooper as Strive called it Hopper and the website listing is Hooper

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  1. M1

    Electric is the future of motoring! 3 out of every 5 buses where I live are now 100% electric. They are super quiet and super powerful. The diesel buses (even when new) feel so outdated already!

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      That’s cool, where do you live?

  2. Munyaradzi Gwanzura

    It is really inspiring how while everyone is complaining about how unconducive the environment is, Econet is inmovating and coming up with solutions. . .

  3. Anonymous

    Inmovating *