Some Netone Users Are Still Purchasing And Enjoying Cheap OneFusion Data Bundles That Were Phased Out

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Whilst many of us are enduring the new OneFusion pricessome are still stuck in the past, enjoying the old OneFusion prices. Remember those old $3 One Fusion, $5 One Fusion, $100 One fusion and so on?

Apparently some people are still buying those lucrative old Onefusion packages even though Netone recently came up with new stripped-down One Fusion packages.

How is this possible?

Netone says that the reason why some customers are lucky enough to top-up OneFusion with old data allocations is because there are some retail outlets like Netone Shops and OK supermarkets that still have inventory of old OneFusion scratch cards.

Where can you buy the old OneFusion?

Several guys said they bought the OneFusion scratch cards from street vendors in town. That’s coming at premium though. The street vendors are tagging a premium to the OneFusion scratch cards such that for a $5 OneFusion scratch card, you’d have to pay RTGS $7.

If you don’t want to pay that premium then you have to try your luck at a Netone shop or OK supermarkets where you only pay the official price printed on the scratch card.

One guy said he bought his OneFusion on through some guys who are selling it on social media. And he also paid a premium for the OneFusion airtime too.

Wherever they bought their OneFusion from, I care not. All I know is that these folks have hit the jackpot because, for instance, a $5 OneFusion gives them twice as much voice and data allocations than the new $10 OneFusion.

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