NetOne To Engage Entrepreneurs & Content Creators On Local Data Bundle

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We recently wrote a piece on local entrepreneurs calling for a local bundle that will improve access to local websites and services. I think the idea is a noble one that will do wonders for all types of local services and content but I wasn’t entirely sure how the networks being asked to do this would react.

Fortunately, one of the three networks, NetOne, has indicated that they are willing to engage the guys lobbying for this next week.

According to Kuda Musasiwa (Founder of Fresh In A Box), NetOne is willing to spare some time and engage some local developers and content creators. That willingness alone is a great starting point especially given that NetOne could have just ignored the issue and fade into irrelevance.

Middle ground?

For mobile networks, they were giving away the data for peanuts once you consider exchange rates and their primary costs but the new bundles make accessing information significantly harder than it was before.

Hopefully, the NetOne can be convinced to actually make such a bundle. Maybe even on a trial basis, to measure what uptake would be like and whether or not there is actually demand for those specific bundles because content creators and service providers might appeal for this when the demand doesn’t justify it. But trying to implement before dismissing would definitely be welcome. Kudos to NetOne for taking some time out to listen to the people and being open to dialogue…

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