More Trouble For Huawei As Microsoft Removes Huawei Laptops from Its Store

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After Google’s restrictions on Huawei’s Android license, Microsoft has inflicted more pain on the Chinese company by stopping to sell Huawei laptops on its official store.

While that would come as a big shock to Huawei, which is already reeling from the Android restrictions imposed on it, if Microsoft happens to ban Huawei from using Windows in its devices, that could be a potential catastrophe on the Chinese company’s hands. So far, Microsoft has not commented on whether or not the company might ban Huawei from using Windows, but that just might happen.

The bans and restrictions from US-based companies is coming since the US has placed Huawei on its ‘entity list’ which prevents the company from doing business with US-based companies without government approval.

Huawei saw the Google restriction coming a long way away, and so it’s already working on its in-house smartphone OS but without a valid Windows license, the company will definitely struggle when it comes to making new laptops, and maintaining its existing laptop line-up as well.


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    thanks, i read about this on the major tech blogs on Wednesday.. good job techzim