MnangagwaMeter Keeps Track Of All 272 Promises Made By President Mnangagwa

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President Mnangagwa Inauguration

Who still remembers 2018? The year of mega deals. The year of “Open for business”. It seems like such a long time ago that many promises were made by our Head of State. Headlines of progress rolled in left, right and centre and if you weren’t keeping track it’s easy to forget just how many promises were made during the early parts of 2018.

Thankfully, MnangagwaMeter was keeping track of everything and the site is updated on an almost daily basis. The site currently states that 272 promises were made since the President’s entry into power and website visitors can click on each promise and view either of the following:

  • When the promise was made
  • What progress has been made thus far
  • And if the promise has been completed

It’s an interesting website, similar to ZimCitizensWatch and one that gives citizens a fair look at what progress has and is being made so far. MnangagwaMeter also has an informative Twitter account which is worth checking out.

So how do they compile the promises?

The criteria on their website is explained below:

The status of a particular promise is solely based on evidence – news articles, official government documents, or anything that everyone will agree is concrete evidence of what’s being done.

Our goals are:
* Isolate actual policy changes from rhetoric and political theatre. We will avoid covering tweets, public statements, and anything else that distracts from actual policy as much as we can.

* Utilize a digital dashboard to accurately and concisely track and communicate those changes.

* Evaluating progress against stated goals in an easy-to-digest way.
Hold the current administration accountable for the promises they have made

Visit MnangagwaMeter

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    Who cares about mere promises when there is nothing tangible on the ground?

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    thank you