Load Shedding Should Now Give You A Good Reason To Activate Dark Mode In Your Apps

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
bulb in the dark

We have shown you tips on how you can save battery life on your Android phone during the biting load shedding. Those all work to get your phone through the day. But another tip worth considering is to use dark mode on every app where it’s available.

According to Google,all of that empty white space that your phone’s been using requires more power, which in turn drains your battery. A darker interface uses less power and is less taxing on your battery.

Not all phones

But it all depends on what type of display your device has. The dark or night mode in apps helps prolong battery life on phones with OLED screens. So you won’t get the battery savings benefits if your phone isn’t using an OLED display.

The findings

The differences in power consumption Google discovered between using an app normally and using its night mode (or dark mode) were striking, particularly for OLED-based phones (AMOLED phone’s included). For example, when testing an AMOLED-based Google Pixel, Google found that Google Maps uses 63 percent less power when it was dark mode compared to normal mode. And by contrast, an LCD-based iPhone 7 saw no change in power consumption.

Google showed off similar results when using Dark Mode in YouTube on an OLED screen- YouTube’s app consumed 60 percent less power with things blacked out.

So, if you have an OLED phone in these ‘dark times’/load shedding period and you are looking to save your phone’s battery, you got to use dark mode in apps that have the feature. Apps such as YouTube and Twitter already have dark mode options. Unfortunately our dearest WhatsApp don’t yet have dark mode and it will probably never come.