List Of Banks According To Their Profitability In 2018

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Its that time of year when we get to see how the money guys-banks, performed in the previous year. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) banks performed really well in spite of the theatrics that happened in the sector. All in all, the banking sector posted an overall profit of RTGS $389 million. In 2017, it posted RTGS $241 million meaning that 2018 was 61.06% more profitable. Take a look at how much profits each bank made last year:

BankProfit After Tax (millions)
CBZRTGS $72,17
FBC RTGS $44.43
EcobankRTGS $40,04
StanbicRTGS $39,15
BarclaysRTGS$ 24.3
ZB BankRTGS $21.8
Standard CharteredRTGS $18,36
MetbankRTGS $17.0
AgribankRTGS $12,9
BancAbcRTGS $10,8
Steward Bank