Huawei’s Android Replacement Smartphone OS Will Be Called HongMeng- Report

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After Google restricted Huawei’s use of Android for its future smartphones, effectively cutting off Huawei from everything Google other than the Android Open Source Project, new reports from Chinese media have come out with the claim that Huawei’s in-house operating system (OS) for its smartphones will reportedly be called HongMeng.

While it’s been an open secret that Huawei has been working on its own operating system as a contingency plan in case the US-China trade war escalated the way that it now has, apparently, the company has been working on the new OS since as far back as 2012. The reports in the Chinese media are also claiming that the OS is being tested already and will gradually replace Android on Huawei’s hardware soon.

What are the chances of Hong Meng?

Having a new OS on the market may be a good idea to attempt breaking up the seemingly unbreakable iOS-Android duopoly that exists in smartphones, but Huawei definitely has a difficult task ahead, not only in making the smartphone OS work well, but also to get developer attention for its new OS. After all, companies like Microsoft and Amazon have tried and failed, and a home-grown Chinese OS might see an even higher level of scrutiny.



  1. Olly

    It should be noted that the US may never see another Huawei phone nor its OS again, following the trade ban on all Huawei devices. So, if Huawei does indeed launch its own mobile OS, it’s highly likely to be available only in Chinese markets and neighboring countries. It wouldn’t make commercial sense for Huawei to develop a worldwide (and especially English) version of the mobile OS if the biggest English market is cut off.

    1. David Snow

      They will still sell to Europe, Asia, Africa most of North america and Australia.

    2. S.

      Which means isolation for America not the vice versa. China’s markets are times wider than Ametica’s.

  2. Anonymous

    Instead of saying it will be a challenge for android why not say it as an opportunity

  3. Darlmud

    I see this as a very big opportunity to Huawei and other Chinese phone brands to break away from over reliance on the Android OS. Once Huawei can overcome the challenges faced at new product launch of their new OS and get meaningful developers on board then we are likely to see a very interesting and robust mobile phone market which can only be a plus to all consumers.

  4. Mike Rukwava

    I see Huawei prevailing, Chinese people are talented, they will produce a good piece of engineering on their new OS.

  5. Marunge Sheunesu

    The Chinese can break Android’s monopoly, but the challenge is that users of Huawei won’t have access to YouTube,Gmail, Google Maps, Gmail, etc. Android has an unfair advantage which needs to be broken. And this not good in business sense, because now it’s Geopolitics, China Vs America, instead of Huawei Vs Apple.

  6. mikael

    Yeah, two things, people wanted diversification, now they can have it, what is Goolag earth, its much more than just an map, witch in it self is riddicilous simple, and should be a no problem to make some of your own, or have other people, anywhere, come up with programs that runs smothly, despite the constant whining about something I define as Moore Laws, the techs have made programs worse and worse, riddeled with programming error hackers can use, etc, gaping holes, etc, and the insane UssA drools something about survilance, while if you have some of their own aps, can follow the entire neigboor hood in real time, and their children, and listen to everything, all the time, etc, the day some kicks op an OS language that actually works I will be happy, and instead of using time on processores, maybe take an look on the programming.

    The second is marked size, size matters, and will eventually be an force by its own.
    What happens is two fold, one is the growth of China, the second is the decline in the imperial banana republic UssA.
    This is more and more an provocation, directed at China, we all know that, the spineless EuroCrauts, and just that, pure manure, and bows to the medical wackos in the dungeon called the WH.
    But the truth is, there is stil an massive marked out there, and to lift that up, bypasing the decade of legalized plundering by the telecoms, etc, Africa can jump staight into the present, and where is Uncle Scam, whining about the competition, and of anyone stil havent gotten how bonkers the Loose Bannon the idiot Cannon, yapping something behind the skirts of the dick in charge, impresses nobody, apart from the home land sheeps.

    This, is stil by me something to be taken as an Gift, sounds brutal, and it is, kicked in the nuts helps sometimes when reality is missing, and the Chines got it, but time, Chines is always on the side that have long time perspectives, growth needs nurturing, dont just pops up, and so far I have not much else to say about the future, the problem is the present, the raving mad UssA Gov, and nobody cares about consequencess.
    It may come back and bit your ass, UssA.


  7. PJ London

    Just as the SWIFT threats forced Russia, Iran, China into creating alternatives which can now completely bypass the west for all non-western financials, so Google is pushing China into competing in the OS – software development markets.
    Asia, India and Central Asia are the markets of the future and in banning Huawei , US has given china the impetus to take over those markets too.
    This also solves the “IP” debate and invalidates the US complaints.
    Stupidity on the cusp of madness.