How To Bid And List (Buy and Sell) On Bid Buddie

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Econet has entered the scene of e-commerce with its online auction Bid Buddie. Folks who were desperate to get rid of their of preloved stuff will now head to Bid Buddie to earn some money from those who need them, buyers.

If you were wondering how you can work your way around Bid Buddie (to either buy or sell stuff), peruse this guide for your own benefit.


  • Download Bid Buddie and register your account.
  • Now you can see a list and categories of things that are up for bidding/sale
  • Click on anything that you want to buy
  • A new window opens that has a place where you can enter the amount you want to bid. Enter the amount you want for your preferred item and then click “Place Bid”.
  • Place a Bid that is higher than the current bid. The highest bid will then win at the end of the countdown time
  • You have the option to ask questions to the Seller/Lister by sending him a message after clicking the “Ask Question” icon
  • If you win the bid, the contact details of the seller will be revealed and you can arrange payment and collection.


Selling/Listing is just as easy as buying too.

  • Select the “Listing” icon
  • Tap on the + sign to start uploading the stuff you are selling
  • Complete the listing’s form by entering the item’s details – Title, Description, Location, and Category Add photos
  • Add bid start date, the duration and reserve price. The reserve price is simply the minimum amount you are willing to part with your item that you are selling
  • At the end of your auction, the contact details of the winning bidder will be revealed and you can arrange payment and collection.


Both the buyer and the seller will notifications during the process of buying and selling.

The buyer will get notifications of:

  • A response to a question
  • an outbid, where someone would have bid higher than your
  • the completion of the auction of an item

The seller will get notification of:

  • Questions buyer will be asking about an item
  • bids
  • messages
  • the completion of your auction

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