Google To Bring Incognito Mode To Maps

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Virtually all Android smartphone and tablet user are no stranger to Google Maps. In fact, it’s an app we have often turned to every time when we are about to get lost whilst looking for a friend’s place. To use Google Maps, the app requires your permissions with your own Google Account.

Well, if you don’t want to share your personal information and still want to use Google Maps, then here’s good news for you. Google is updating its Google Maps app to bring an Incognito Mode to it. Yes, Google Maps will now have its own Incognito Mode for Maps.

Incognito Mode is a standard feature on Google’s Chrome browser and every Chrome user use this feature to surf the anonymously. With Incognito Mode on, Google Maps users will be able to search for locations or navigate without that information being stored in their Google Account. This is certainly a welcome feature, especially since Google, Facebook and other tech giants have been continually tormented by privacy scandals in the past two years.

How it works

To make use of this new mode, all you have to do is just tap on to the Profile icon, a new menu will be there along with an option of Incognito Mode. To enable this mode, you just need to select it from the presented menu.

Once enabled, Google Maps will start featuring a black bar on the top side which indicates that you are on Incognito mode and the Google Maps will not track down your information or account’s details. Interestingly, the same Incognito Mode feature is arriving for the original Google Search app for Android smartphones.

When is it coming?

Unfortunately, the giant has not yet announced when this feature will roll out. Aside from this, Google will also introduce a new feature that lets you set a specific time to let the browser store your information. Once you have selected the timeline, the stored data from your Google Account including browsing history will be deleted automatically.